Kindergarten Readiness

September 10, 2017 0 Comments

Its back to school season and Kindergarten classrooms everywhere have welcomed their new J/K kiddos and parents into their schools.

Many parents will wonder if they have done enough to prepare their munchkin for Kindergarten and ask themselves an array of questions. “Will he eat well at lunchtime?”…”Will she have managed her zipper on her coat at recess?”….”Will he remember to use his ‘indoor voice’ at school?” The list could go on and on..

My almost 4yr old ball-of-energy has just finished his first week of Junior Kindergarten and like many parents, I found myself feeling something in between somewhat anxious to strangely excited and proud. I wondered if my little chatterbox would remember to wait his turn before jumping in to tell his version of a story or before announcing something only profoundly hilarious to other 3 & 4yr olds. I hoped he would curb his curious, adventurous nature long enough to sit still and listen at circle time in class. Luckily, it seems that my free spirited and inquisitive social butterfly has settled in just fine. His teachers seem great and everyone is friendly.

Over the summer, I couldn’t help but notice rows of “Kindergarten Readiness” and grade workbooks lining the shelves of grocery stores and book shops alike. Against my better judgement, I ended up purchasing one of the workbooks only to be quickly reminded of why I usually walk right past them!

“Kindergarten Readiness” shouldn’t be about completing simple math questions in a workbook or tracing over an alphabet of dotted lines! Instead, “Kindergarten Readiness” should be about nurturing a love of learning, encouraging an inquisitive mind and promoting independence and confidence.

Encouraging fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with the use of scissors, crayons and paint brushes; developing problem solving skills by trying to fly a kite, ride a bike and build a pillow fort to encouraging a love of science, history and geography by making homemade fossils, examining wildlife in our bug catcher, observing evaporation and travelling are just some of the treasured memories of our summer of kindergarten readiness.

In fact, Pint Sized Prodigy and The Prodigy Packs stemmed from my passion to inspire parents to find fun learning opportunities with their children whilst going about their regular day together. From introducing the concept of fractions whilst chopping an apple for snack to talking about seasons on the way to the park, almost anything can be used to fuel those curious young minds.

Now with a heavy heart and a few tears (mostly from mommy!), my giggle machines and I say goodbye to our long fun packed summer days, full of stimulating learning opportunities and welcome the exciting new school year.

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