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Pint Sized Prodigy Family - Founder Sandy Sandhu

At Pint-Sized Prodigy, first and foremost, we are parents to two amazing, intelligent, energetic young boys. However, the passion, ideas and inspiration for Pint-Sized Prodigy had been brewing for many years before the boys (or the idea of Pint-Sized Prodigy) ever came into our lives.

Our story starts when Sandy, the founder of Pint-Sized Prodigy was still at high school all those years ago. At that time, the availability of new technologies had empowered the science-world to invest more time into researching infant brain development, and naturally, Sandy was fascinated.

Fast forward 20 years, with a strong clinical research career and two children later, came the inspiration for Pint-Sized Prodigy!

Most parents will agree that becoming a parent changes your perspective on a lot of things. For a while, that perfect little human is completely dependent on you for everything and for many of us, there is nothing that comes close to that overwhelming feeling of responsibility, love and desire to do the very best you can to keep your precious little being safe, healthy and happy.

….And so it began…. the hours and hours of scouring the internet and stores for ideas, materials and toys to support our son’s early development whilst ensuring we created lots of fun, loving, playful memories.

After one toddler, one new-born baby and a whole lot of sleep deprivation induced “baby-brain”, we wished those activities, ideas and information on milestones had been saved, filed and organised ready for use again….Perhaps in a neat little ‘Prodigy Pack’ delivered straight to our door.

At Pint-Sized Prodigy, we are passionate about providing parents and caregivers the knowledge and tools to better understand their role in supporting their child’s early cognitive development. We hope you and your family enjoy our Prodigy Packs.

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